Salalah | Visit #1

Everyone I have met since I moved here to Oman has told me, “Wait until you see Salalah”

At long last, I am taking the advice and going on a seven day road trip. It is just over 1,000km to Salalah, and, I am going to drive there in one day taking the inland route. The journey back will be a three day trip hugging the coast as much as possible seeking places of interest.

This is also the first time I used the FJ Cruiser since I acquired it recently. My initial experience with the car is that I really like it. I have never owned an off road 4×4 before, it takes an adjustment in driving style, and, the learning how to drive it off road will take time too.

Since I got the FJ I have taken it out for the odd day trip, I am looking forward to seeing how this week goes.

FJ Cruiser wadi

Saturday, February 5

The drive was a little over ten hours, I wanted to get there while it was still daylight so, I left at 04:00. Two refuelling stops and a few photography moments on the way, I have to say the trip was effortless, hardly any traffic on the road, and, the car drives beautifully.

We arrived at Hawana around 15:30, checked into the very comfortable apartment where we would be for the next three nights. We needed food so took a walk around the complex, we found lots of pretentious restaurants with ridiculous prices. So, we took a drive into town.

Buhari was found on Google, I liked the sound of it as I love simple basic street food.

We were not disappointed.

Sunday, February 6

A beach was found about ninety minutes away, the route went right through a huge mountain range. I remember driving through mountains like this in the Alps when I went snow boarding, but, this really was something else.

Once we arrived at the coastline, we were at 490 meters, looking down at the amazing beach below us.

I put the FJ into 4WD and headed down. That was quite an experience, no barriers, slippery and bumpy, I was happy to get to the bottom in one piece.

The area we descended into was exquisite, I have been to many places, this is way up there I can tell you. 

Once we explored for a while we found this beautiful spot, a small stretch of sand leading to a rocky spot, perfect for the FJ. Beach was on both sides, It really could not have been better.

FJ cruiser on the beach