This site is dedicated to my images and or experiences. They are displayed in two formats:

Frames and Episodes.

The first is simply a collection of my favourite images, these are single images, moments or frames.

The second are groups of images, from my travels or events that I attend. These groupings of images hopefully tell a story of the span of time within the event or Go.

I have been working with images for over forty years now. I never thought I would reach the age where I could say that, but, here I am.

I have witnessed the transition of image reproduction from Lithographic darkroom cameras to analogue drum scanners. Then, the drum scanners became digitised.

Then the last evolution of the pre-press scanner was the Flat-Bed CCD.

It was not long after that I remember seeing the first Kodak digital camera, not film, no developing, and practically everyone that I knew who saw it believed it to be a joke, including me.

Fast forward thirty years and film is dead, or nearly so. We are all immersed in the world of digital photography, ether as a mobile phone photographer, or, a professional using very different cameras.

I like to think I am both. Just so you know, I don’t place a huge emphasis on the camera that I use. All images need post capture manipulation, this is my world, the world of post production image processing and retouching.

It is also worth mentioning, albeit a weird contradiction in terms… Although I teach photography, the use of cameras and image capture. I don’t see myself as a Photographer. The reason for this is, I see photography as a part of the image creation process, just a part. I take images, I sell images at times. But I don’t promote myself as a full time Photographer, because I am not.

I see myself as an image creator.

guy gowan